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IAS academy for UPSC preparation

Best IAS Academy in Chennai | IAS academy for UPSC preparation

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

UPSC Civil Services Exam Coaching


EDUCASIUM IAS academy in Chennai is the place to go for students who aspire to become an IAS/IPS   officer in their FIRST attempt as a top rank holder.

EDUCASIUM provides high quality flexible ONLINE and OFFLINE coaching program for UPSC Civil Services Exam. The training pattern is equipped with powerful, straight forward preparation strategies created with two decades of experience.


We adopt a combination of teaching, training, and mentoring techniques to ensure our students clear the exam at the earliest.

# Factors that make EDUCASIUM awesome compared to other institutes

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our course and we’re completely confident you will.

We offer an unquestioned 30 day money back guarantee if you wish to pull out from the course.

Money Back Guarantee

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

To achieve best results, We provide coaching only for UPSC Civil Services exam. We are the only institute to confine our focus to UPSC by not giving coaching for any other state level exams.

Niche Focus Institute

Best IAS Academy

Best Price Guarantee

We charge a very nominal and reasonably priced fee in entire Tamil Nadu. One fees for entire course. No separate fees for Paper 1 and Paper 2. We assure high quality training with shortest learning curve. Low cost ias coaching in chennai

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

Personnel Attention

We don’t believe in lecturing to hundreds of people with zero knowledge transmission. High level of trainer trainee interaction is maintained in our classes by retaining minimal strengths in our class.

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

# There is no hide and say - Our fees is open and transparent. We have provided the fee details for Regular, Weekend , Online Course Below

Classroom 2023 1.png
Online 2023 Fees.png

Trust is EARNED not GIVEN

Search in Google for "EDUCASIUM Google Review" and see for yourself on what our students say about us.

Our Futuristic Coaching Methodology is far ahead of others

There is a perpetual scenario in UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation.


The Students coming out of the exam hall, says that the exam trend is changed, questions were tough !!!    The institutes that coached the students also say that the exam trend is changed and they gear up to coach the new set of students based on latest trend only to come back to square one again saying that the trend is changed after the next exam as well. This is a perpetual Scenario where students repeatedly try to conquer the exam by tracing the trend which doesn’t work. Moreover relying on shortcuts and useless guess work preached by half baked new age gurus will totally not work in Civil Services Exam. Don’t get into the trap of sweet words that give you results without hard work. In fact several IAS academy in Chennai are good in providing promises but very bad in keeping it up in their coaching program.

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

Ideally aspirants must not prepare based on the changing trend with reference to past exam. It will always change.  The preparation itself must be futuristic…We are not referring to forecasting questions…. we are referring to futuristic preparation.

That is being 10 steps ahead of UPSC expectation and 100 steps ahead of competition. Few may think it is impossible, but we make it possible and we have seen our students making it possible

IAS Academy for UPSC Preparation in Chennai

Best IAS Academy in Chennai Educaiam IAS & UPSC Coaching Centre

# 1: Many institutes provide map reading as a main component, May be map reading is good for sixth standard school kid and not for a UPSC aspirants. When others are doing map reading, our students make their own atlas, work on grids, contours and gradients, study global positioning and cartography. Keeping the entire world geography in their fingertips

# 2: When others are studying basics of economics, our students master the fundamentals in no time and forecast what is going to happen in next monetary policy meet and can able to forecast what will happen in next WTO ministerial conference without even waiting for the Newspaper to tell them

# 3: When others prepare polity with Laxmi Kanth book, our students devour the Laxmi kanth book and go far ahead on Pearson and Oxford publications, Reading polity journal and analysis on constitutional judgements

# 4: While the competing aspirants struggle to cultivate interest in Ancient and Medieval history, Our students will effortlessly explain you the geography of vedic culture, entertain with Kalidasa poetry and drama, elucidate architecture of early medieval period with precise description

# 5: For modern Indian History, 90% of the crowd is still unclear whether to read NCERT or Spectrum modern India, whereas our students move ahead in reading plassey to Partition and compare the facts with Grovers book, never mind to mention they pass through NCERT on the way

Best IAS Academy in Chennai

Aducasium IAS Academy: IAS academy for UPSC preparation Online 2021

IAS Academy for UPSC Preparation in chennai

We coach with the best Main Exam answer writing methods in entire India. Currently, for Main exam answer writing, even the most reputed institute in Delhi still trains their students in IBC model answer writing, whereas the writing evaluation methodology has moved forward from IBC to AIDA and then to the OFAC model of presenting the answer to score high marks. No other IAS academy in Chennai is even aware of what we are talking about.

We don't have separate stand-alone coaching for Main Exam because it is integrated into our Prelims (PCM) coaching. Hence the trick mentioned above is only for the students who study with us in the classroom or online coaching.

IAS Academy for UPSC Preparation

We provide coaching only for UPSC Civil Services Exam and not for any other state-level exam. Because we want to be the niche focused IAS academy in Chennai. We provide Civil Services Exam training in # 4 formats as follows 

Weekend Coaching for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Regular (Weekday) Coaching for IAS IPS Exam

Online Video based coaching UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains

Prelims Test Series

IAS Prelims

Weeekend coaching for Prelims cum Mains (PCM) is designed for full time college students and working professionals who can spend only weekends (Saturday - Sunday) for Civil Services Preparation. Weekend course saves enormous time but still ensures full coverage of entire syllabus. 

Prelims cum Mains regular batch suits full time aspirants who dedicate the entire time for Civil Services preparation. Class schedule will be on weekdays (Monday - Thursday) (4.30 pm to 7.30 pm). Provides in-depth coaching on all aspects of exam aiming to create All India Toppers.

Online coaching for prelims cum Mains is designed for candidates who cannot join in class room coaching due to any reason. Aspirants can join our online program and prepare on their own pace with high quality video training sessions and easy to understand study material.

Test series is a list of mock test conducted by our institute for helping aspirants to Practice, assess themselves and keep up with the changing exam trend so that they can be at their best in the final exam.

Our Success Boosting Products of EDUCASIUM for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Other Success Boosting Products of Educasium are as follows
           1.Main exam speed writing and persuasive articulation practice
           2.Main exam crash course
           3.Test series for Main Exam
           4.Interview (DAF analysis, Body Language, Voice Modulation, Fluency and language correction, Outfit moderation, Emotional management and conversation skills)

*Note: All the above mentioned training are only for candidates who are studying in our institute or have studied in our institute in any of the course either direct PCM course or online Prelims course. None of the training above is available for external new comers.

IAS Academy in chennai
IAS Academy for UPSC Preparation

How to prepare for Civil Services Exam and Analysis of UPSC success rate

About Civil Services Exam: Civil Services Exam is one of the premium competitive examinations in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to select candidates for Civil Services of the Government of India which includes All India Services and Central Services. All India Services includes Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, and Central services include more than 50 services, of which recruitment is done only for those services that have vacancies in the current situation.

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The Exam is conducted in three stages starting from Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Personality Test (Interview)

To know more about the exam, for getting answer for frequently asked question (FAQ) and to get in-depth Review and Analysis about the IAS IPS Exam - watch this video (All you need to know about Civil Services Exam) click here

Education IAS Academy is located in T Nagar with close Proximity to all the places in Chennai. EDUCASIUM will be the right coaching institute for people searching for IAS academy in Adyar, Mylapore, Triplicane, Nungambakkam, Mambalam, Ashok Nagar, KK Nagar, Saidapet, Guindy, Pallavaram, OMR, etc., Best Online Coaching provided for UPSC Civil Services Exam, Frequently Asked Questions on UPSC, UPSC mock test series for Preliminary exam and Main exam. ias academy in chennai fees structure; low cost ias coaching in chennai; close to government ias academy in chennai which is free ias academy in chennai

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