Economics contributes maximum marks in Preliminary exam as well as a significant contribution in Main exam.

Economics is weaved with current affairs. Hence a candidates must master the current as well conventional aspect of Economics.

Without exaggeration we assure that we provide the best Economics class from basics to advanced that will match the requirements of UPSC.

Our Economics lectures are synthesized from NCERT, Economic Survey, Recent 2 budgets, and Standards economics books like Ramesh Singh etc., 

All Lectures are designed for TAMIL NADU students, hence all lectures are Bilingual in Tamil and English. So those who cant understand Tamil can avoid enrolling in this lecture series. 

We strongly recommend students to follow our lecture and notes, which is more than enough to handle both prelims and mains. We don't recommend any book, our notes will suffice your exam requirement.

Students can get full access to our Economics Lectures for UPSC 2021 by paying a fees for Rs: 7500/-

Total number of lecture duration is approximately 120 hours

Password to access the Lecture and PPT notes copy will be provided to those who pay the fees. 

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