History makes a major contribution in both Preliminary Exam and Main Exam. Hence a detailed step by step approach is followed to comprehensively cover the subject.

Students face difficulty in remembering facts, dates, names and events in History. However, a detailed story telling model will help aspirants to effortlessly remember it.

We recommend students to watch the videos and study the

ppt copies we provide to master the subject with ease.

Our History sessions are a synthesize of NCERT and Popular University Text books and most referenced book for UPSC Civil Services Exam.

All Lectures are designed for TAMIL NADU students, hence all lectures are Bilingual in Tamil and English. So those who cant understand Tamil can avoid enrolling in this lecture series. 

We strongly recommend students to follow our lecture and notes, which is more than enough to handle both prelims and mains.

Following books are the resources we used to construct the course. Students can follow the reference material of their choice, however giving priority to the PPT notes we provide.

NCERT Class VI to VIII : Our Pasts- I, II, III

NCERT Class XII : Themes in Indian History - I, I, III


Plassey to Partition

A Brief History of Modern India

India’s struggle for Independence

Ancient and Medieval India, Poonam Dalal Dahia

Art and Culture from various sources

Students can get full access to our History Lectures for UPSC 2021 by paying a fees for Rs: 7500/-

Total number of lecture duration is approximately 110 hours

Password to access the Lecture and PPT notes copy will be provided to those who pay the fees. 

Below is the Course Curriculum Covered as part of History

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