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OPTIONAL Subject Coaching

EDUCASIUM provides optional subject coaching for 6 subjects viz. Public Administration, Sociology, 

Geography, History, Tamil and Anthropology.

Course Duration :    2 Months (120 Hours)

Course Timings : Sat & Sun 

Course Fees :   Rs: 20000/-

OPTIONAL Subject Coaching Features

1. 120 Hours of thorough classroom coaching that comprehensively covers the optional syllabus.

2. Engaging classroom sessions that cover the subject in the shortest possible time.

3. More than a dozen test to assess the candidate’s ability to write the answers for Main exam.

4. Fees includes entire study material. No need to purchase books seperately from shops. 

For more details on Optional Subject coaching, Contact via phone : 9962055522 or Email :

Information Given below are Tentative (Subject to Change) : Please get clarified at the time General Studies Admission.

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