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EDUCASIUM - Simulated Test Series

Civil Services aspirants can enroll with Educasium mock test series to get an additional advantage in emerging successful. Educasium comprises a group of question maniacs who are seasoned in preparing questions for various recruitment boards and services commissions.

We pool in massive content from our associates who have firsthand experience in contributing questions for various public and private recruitment bodies. Our questioning software is calibrated as close as possible to match the appropriate level of difficulty and subject combination in line with the UPSC civil services examination.


We have a reputation of consistently forecasting topics and questions for the last 4 years that appears in the  Preliminary exam conducted by UPSC.  

We advise the aspirants to consider Educasium as a place where they can test their preparation by enrolling in  our test batch and constantly assess themselves. So that they can be at their best in the final exam.

Every Year, all our earlier questions banks are scrapped and fresh set is prepared by our associates based on the latest exam trend for the current year. We go way ahead in our analysis and strategy in setting questions papers that can be matched only by a professional body.

Features of TEST SERIES (Mock Test Batch)

1. Thirty test (10 Papers on General Studies conventional subject + 8 test on General Studies current affairs and 2 test on CSAT Paper 2)

2. Test difficulty and topic spread calibrated in line with UPSC exam.

3. The entire UPSC syllabus is split into hundreds of topics enabling the aspirants to complete the entire syllabus step by step with one topic at a time.

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4. Answer discussion will happen after each test. Aspirants are advised to attend the discussion for getting the full benefits of enrolling in the mock test batch.

5. Detailed Test Syllabus for each week will be shared only with the aspirants who enroll in our test series.

6. Candidates are advised to freely explore multiple books and internet to study the test topics to have better exposure.

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