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Iam a working professional, can I succeed in UPSC Civil Services Exam ? 

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Every year more than 40% of successful candidates in Civil Services Exam are working professionals.  Hence it’s a time and again proven fact that you can be a Civil Servant inspite of you working in an organisation or self employed.

The critical element missing with you is TIME. With the available time you have to do more.

Is there a Solution ?

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The BEST SOLUTION is Online Video Based SELF STUDY program of EDUCASIUM…. This program  provides comprehensive syllabus coverage for UPSC Civil Services (IAS exam).

Several IAS institutes just video the real white board class and upload it in Internet and call it a online coaching. Definitely not, unclear audio, poor video quality and interruption by students in classroom makes it horrible to even watching it.

But, EDUCASIUM Video lessons are precisely designed for Online SELF STUDY course takers, Specifically for people with less time and who wants to make maximum preparation in the shortest possible time.

EDUCASIUM online modules has Clear Audio, Engaging Presentations, and High Definition Video. Students can watch it at their convenient place and time.

Our online program is for SELF MOTIVATED Aspirants who want to become an IAS/IPS officer all of their own. This course is packed precisely, covering entire syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Exam.

EDUCASIUM course quality is unmatchable in terms of structure, delivery and coverage, inspite of that we charge 1/4th of fees charged by any institute of our calibre for online course in India.

We can vouch that our SELF STUDY program coverage will be comprehensive and exhaustive than any other class room coaching provided by any institute in India for UPSC Prelims.

Features of Online Course

# 1 :  Totally 500+ hours of High Definition Video Lessons. 

# 2 : Access to 4000+ Presentation Slides for quick revision

​​​# 3 :  Topicwise previous year questions to revise after each session.

# 4 : Topic wise 100’s of questions to review after each session

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# 5 : Thirty plus mock test before the exam.

# 6 : Clear Time Table on Course Completion in specified time.

# 7 : Course content useful for other competitive exams as well.

# 8 : Nominal fee, optimal investment for a powerful course.

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Advantages of Joining Online Coaching ​

1. Set your timeline and study in your own phase. 

2. Watch Video again and again to reach perfection, which is not possible in Classroom coaching. 

3. Take practice test and review questions immediately after the course.

4. Access videos in any device, any place, any time. No way of missing classes.

5. Simple English and Tamil combined making it easy to understand. 

6. Save travelling time, expense and travel stress. Use the time for preparation.

7. Class room coaching fees is more than 1.5 lakh, although you have to sit with 100's of students

8. Hostel and Food expense in Chennai and Delhi is double the cost of coaching fees. 

Online Self Study Course Admission for 2023 and 24 is Open, Candidates can start watching the sessions after paying the fees. 
To Pay fees click here

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