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Comprehensive kit for success in Civil Services Exam. Click icon to access lectures.

Our Online SELF STUDY course is purely designed for Tamil Nadu IAS Aspirants. So aspirants who don't know English and Tamil shall NOT enroll in the course.

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started, and the secret of a perfect END depends upon a perfect start. 

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Educasium Orientation program provides a good start in strengthening the fundamentals of UPSC exam, so that students have a perfect clarity of what they will do for next one year in their journey towards their ambition.

Polity & Governance is the core of Civil Services Preparation. Its contribution to Prelims and Mains is huge. 

The concepts have been broken down to simpler examples and explained with real happenings.

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Hence it will be convenient for students to remember the fact.  Special focus is given for remembering Articles and other facts that are important from exam perspective. 

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Without exaggeration, we assure that we provide the best Economics class in India that can be easily understood. We strongly recommend students to NOT purchase any book for economics, but to follow our notes, which is more than enough.

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Economics contributes maximum marks in Preliminary exam as well as a significant contribution in Main exam.

Economics is weaved with current affairs. Hence a candidate must master the current as well conventional aspect of Economics.

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History makes a major contribution in both Prelims and Mains. Hence a detailed step by step approach is followed to comprehensively cover the subject. 

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 Students face difficulty in remembering facts, dates, names and events in History. However, a detailed story telling model will help aspirants to effortlessly remember it. 


Environment plays a vital role in all three stages of Civil Services Exam. Its contribution towards prelims, mains and on a whole on human sustenance is  important.  

All the sessions comprehensively covers the three pillars of Environment studies that includes Climate Change, Bio-Diversity and Environment and Ecology.  

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CSAT paper is a qualifying paper covering numerics, reading comprehension and other factors. Candidates normally think its easy to qualify this paper without any efforts. But this is not the reality.

Our CSAT lectures covers all the facets to comfortably clear the paper with no much hassle.

All the relevant topics associated with numerics, reasoning, data interpretation and reading comprehension is covered topic wise. 

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The classes are designed to have maximum map based pictures and step by step animation to make aspirants to grasp the cartographic knowledge comfortably.

Geography is a Primary Subject. Geographic knowledge is required to understand locational context of happenings and fundamental geo political issues and spatial planning.

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Agriculture is an overlapping subject in Geography, Economics, Polity and Current Affairs. Normally students find it difficult to correlate information on agriculture from different subjects. 

To make the task of UPSC aspirants easier, EDUCASIUM provides a comprehensive coverage on Agriculture as a single subject, making it one point of reference.

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Energy is an high mark yielding topic but an overlapping topic in Geography, Economics, Polity and Current Affairs. UPSC aspirants must prepare in an intergrated fashion to have a grip over the subject.

Approx 5 questions in prelims and 2 questions in mains will come from Energy. In most cases this topic gives and edge over other students. In EDUCASIUM, we have brought the entire topic in one umbrella, for the benefit of our students.

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Prelims Test Practice is essential to ace Civil Services Exam. Hence, EDUCASIUM IAS Academy in Chennai provides a simulated test series for Prelims 2022.

Our Test Series is FREE for our Regular, Weekend and Online Course students.

Test Series for 2023 calendar will be updated shortly.

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